About Us

Sandpoint Engineer - Carlos Suarez P.E.Carlos Suarez, P.E. is a civil/structural engineer with 30 years’ experience in the engineering and manufacturing industries in the U.S. and internationally.  A consulting engineer and project manager with background in the manufacture of building materials and engineered wood products, his extraordinary attention to detail and focus on customer needs set him apart in this industry. His experience includes manufacture of building products, engineering consulting, project management and engineering of large industrial facilities.

Carlos moved to North Idaho in 1999 as Senior Project Manager for Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (L-P). Over the years, Carlos has engineered and managed large scale industrial projects in North America and South America. In 2003, he opened Woodland Lumber Company, Inc. (WLC), focusing mainly on lumber sales and deliveries. In 2008, Carlos created a division of WLC, Suarez Engineering and has since been serving the structural engineering and project management needs of his client base.

Suarez Engineering mascots Chica & RocketA proud graduate of North Carolina State University with a B. S. in Civil Engineering (GO WOLFPACK!), his first engineering internship was providing detailed designs and fabrication shop drawings for a glulam timber manufacturer. Since then, Carlos’ career has included bridge design, engineering and manufacturing of engineered wood products and specialty woods, and consulting for large industrial facilities. Carlos and his wife Jackie have been married for over 25 years. You will see Carlos with their faithful companions and official Suarez Engineering mascots, Chica and Rocket.

His custom engineering services are relative to structures and building materials.  Most important to Carlos are the relationships he develops through Suarez Engineering. Each client, Architect, builder, designer and supplier he deals with receives his focused attention. He understands that your project is important.